Cold Brook

Assistant Production Office Coordinator (APOC)

June - July 2017

  • On this shoot I was responsible for booking travel, balancing spreadsheets, coordinating catering, supervising vehicle transportation and acquiring rental equipment for the set.

Professional Work Experience

Two For One

Assistant to the Line Producer

August 2015

  • ​​On this shoot I assisted with the daily organization of the shoot.  I helped to order catering, booked transportation, and assisted with the actor's SAG paperwork.  I was able to work directly with the Line Producer and learn valuable skills which I translated into my next position on Cappuccino Jones.

Crew of Cappuccino Jones

Devan Brady

Rented Mule Film LLC

Crew of The Morning Sun

Vows of Madness

Production Assistant / Stunt Double

December 2016

  • On this shoot I was responsible for filling in on set where needed and performing lockdowns.  I also filled in for the 2nd AD when needed and assisted with cast updates for the 1st AD.  I also performed stunts for one of the actresses in a fight scene.

Cappuccino Jones 

Line Producer/ Location Manager

September - December 2015

  • On this shoot I acted as both the Line Producer and Location Manager.  I worked directly with our SAG contact and my producer in order to get this student shoot SAG approved.  I created the budget for the shoot and was responsible for delegating the money.  On set I worked with the actors to complete contracts, the daily time sheet and other necessary SAG paperwork.  As the Location Manager I was responsible for scouting all of the set locations.  I then worked with the property owners, the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission, and the Buffalo Police Department to coordinate our set days at each location.  On set I was on hand for any issues dealing with the location.  

​Trew Calling 

Production Assistant & Transport

June - July 2015

  • On this shoot I worked under the Line Producer and 2nd AD as a Production Assistant and Transport.  I was in charge of aiding in the set up and tear down of all sets, as well as assisting craft services.  I was available to help on set and frequently performed set lock-downs.  During the duration of this shoot I was in charge of transporting the actors to and from set, as well as too and from the airport as needed.

The Morning Sun​

Assistant to the Production Manager

October - November 2015

  • On this shoot I was responsible for aiding with the set up and tear down of craft services.  I assisted with the ordering of catering, as well as paperwork.  I filled in on set where needed, often performing set lock-downs.  I was able to observe and learn directly from the Production Manager, Line Producer, and Executive Producer.